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Economics or Choice

A study by University of Washington epidemiology professor Adam Drewnowski found that shoppers at low-cost supermarkets are much more likely to be obese than those buy their groceries at upscale markets. Albertsons shoppers were found to have a 38 percent rate of obesity, while Whole Foods customers were only found to have a 4 percent rate of obesity. The professor is quoted in the msnbc article, saying: “Deep down, obesity is really an economic issue.” Do you agree it’s a economic issue? Maybe it’s a issue with what’s being marketed in the supermarkets. Does Whole Foods just offer fewer bad choices for consumers so they are more likely to make healthier choice? Or are people choosing Whole Foods over Albertsons because they are already health conscious? It is most likely also a education issue, how many people really know that grains are actually bad for them? Or how bad Corn Syrup really is? While Whole Foods is much more expensive then Albertson’s it is not to say that there are not healthy choices inside Albertsons, in fact I used to shop there regularly. There are healthy choices of food for any budget. Whole Foods isn’t the only option to avoid obesity. What kinds of foods/meals do you like to eat to keep your diet healthy?

WOD: Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

  • Mini AMRAP 10 minutes
    • 100m sprint
    • 12 Pushups


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