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Turn “I can’t” into “I will”

What is it that keeps you from completing a work out faster. Is it your body or your mind? When you working out are you telling your muscles and lungs that you are tired? Can you actually make it so that you think yourself to a personal record? I’m sure many of you in the workout have wanted to give up and pushed through and found out in the end that you could lift more and do it faster then you thought entering the work out. Confidence plays a huge role in whether or not you will complete the workout and be satisfied with it. So when you are in the middle of the workout, try to shut out the little voice inside telling you to stop and listen to your CrossFit friends willing you to the end and convince yourself that you can get that next rep or run that next step! Turn “I can’t” into “I will”!! What are your thoughts?

WOD: 3 rounds – 1 min each movement – 1 min rest between rounds

  • Rower (cal)
  • Bow jumps 20″
  • Double Unders
  • Burpees
  • Suicide Runs
    • Level III – Rx
    • Level II – Single Unders ÷ 3
    • Level I – Single Unders ÷ 2

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