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Healthy Consumers

So a recent analysis of National Marketing Institute (NMI) data came up with these results:

Five Health-related Consumer Segments
When it comes to health beliefs and practices, people fit into one of five distinct segments:

  • Well Beings (19%): The most health-proactive group; market leaders and influencers whose actions are driven by values. They eat more organics, consume modest amounts of supplements and pursue many different health modalities.
  • Food Actives (18%): More mainstream in their health pursuits, this group strives for moderation in their lifestyle and prefers food that is inherently healthy, as opposed to organics or supplements. Seeking a life balance includes balancing the budget for this price-sensitive segment.
  • Magic Bullets (24%): Consumers who hope supplements, Rx and pills will help them reach health goals. More into health management than prevention. Least likely to cook at home or exercise.
  • Fence Sitters (17%): Stressed out, but seeking control. They dabble in the latest exercise kick and actively pursue weight loss goals. Receptive to eco-friendly appeals and reliant on social media.
  • Eat, Drink & Be Merries (22%): Younger shoppers who crave taste and pinch pennies. No concerns here about prevention, making them the least health-active group.

This isn’t much of a shock looking at the current state of this country’s health. But the majority of people fall into the “I hope there’s a drug for my problem” or “I just don’t care about my health it tastes good” What category are you?

WOD: Back Squat

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