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Cooling down

The question is always raised, “is it important to cool down?” And currently there is no real evidence to show that it is needed. It’s an old idea that cooling down will alleviate soreness, but we now know that muscle soreness is mainly caused by damaged muscle not lactic acid. So, cooling down wont repair your muscles in time to avoid the pain. Cooling down may prevent you from passing out as your heart slows down with blood mainly being in your muscles, but this is only evident in the fittest of athletes. This cool down notion as been a common practice for so long that it was assumed to be true, but this seems to not be the case. Says, Dr. Thompson in a New York Times article, “Is the Exercise Cool-Down Really Necessary?” Thought?

WOD: 3 rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 10 Squat Snatches
    • – note: choose your weight wisely – for each missed snatch, drop for 5 burpees on the spot
  • Level III (95/65)
  • Level II (65/45)
  • Level I <(45/35)

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