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Your Mind Fails You

What would you do if you found out that the reason you couldn’t go faster or slowed down during a workout had nothing to do with whether or not you lung, heart, or muscles could keep up, but that it was your mind that failed you. Would you try to change the way you approached training in order to overcome this? This is what you should think about after reading Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Think Mind Over Matter) from the NY Times. “[Matt] Fitzgerald, a 36-year-old running coach and racer who has written seven training books in the last four years, three for Runner’s World, gives unconventional advice. That is because his exercises are not meant to train your body. They are aimed at training your brain.” This is a great article to read, and if you are interested in reading more from Matt, check out his book Brain Training for Runners.

WOD: Bench Press 5-5-5

  • Afterwards: Death by 10 meters
    • Continuous clock – run 10m 1st min, 2nd min run 20m, 3rd min run 30m, and so forth until you can not keep up with the clock.

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