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Wonder Women

Oh if I had a nickle for everytime I heard, “I don’t to lift because I don’t want to get all muscley” The truth of the matter is that women don’t produce enough testosterone to generate the muscle mass to become “muscley”. But what comes to mind are those women on cable body building competition who most undoubtadely use anabolic steroids, along with other drugs to acheive that apperance. Some women through genetics and spending hours in the gym lifting heavy can put on more muscle than the average women. But most women will move more towards ending up on the cover of Shape magazine. Performing the exercises through the full range of motion will also help maintain you flexibiltity. If you only do “cardio” then you will not only cause your body to burn fat, but it will also burn muscle. Unless you mix your cardio up with some weights (and not the pink felt covered 3 pounders) you will loss the muscle that keeps you looking lean. Strength training will also make you smarter, Exercise: In Women, Training for a Sharper Mind, says a study done by the Archives of Internal Medicine. So there are multiple reasons why you should be picking something heavy up. Eat right, run fast, & lift heavy!


  • Thrusters
    • Level III: 95/65
    • Level II: 75/45
    • Level I: 45/35


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