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Primal Blueprint Fitness

2010 Washington Sectional Pictures

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I try more often then not to check up on “Mark’s Daily Apple”. A great blog focused on improving the well being of people, with great information on diet, health and fitness. Mark talks about a Primal Blueprint Fitness methodology. Stating that CrossFit may be too intense for some individuals and that this can lead away from sustainability. I agree with this to a point. But, this is what is great about CrossFit is that it is scalable to all athlete types. And a good coach should recognize the ability differences between individuals but be able to notice when someone can do more too. In Mark’s most recent post he discusses the difference between P90X and CrossFit. What are your thoughts?

Newest Addition to the Gym!

WOD #5: Modified from the original WOD but you’ll get the idea!

  • 5 rounds for time
    • 20 Back Squats
    • 18 Double Unders
    • 16 Pullups
  • Level III: 135/95
  • Level II: 95/65 – Band PUs & Must do Double Unders
  • Level I: 65/45 Band PUs & 54 Single Unders

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