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Post WOD Nutrition Optimization

If you know CrossFit you know how taxing it is on your body. As CrossFitters we put our bodies through most pain and anguish then the average person who goes to the “gym”. As a result we require a much more rigorous nutrition regimen then the average gym goer. Yesterday Katie comes up to me and say, “Ben I’m always hungry!” Remember the old saying, “Working up an appetite”? When you workout your body wants to recover. Which means it needs the building blocks to repair the damage from your workouts. Your body is going through what has been termed “Super-compensation” This Super-compensation is when the body adapts to the stimulus of training by
getting bigger, faster, stronger or more aerobically fit, or some combination thereof. And PWO (post workout) nutrition plays a vital role is the recovery process! After a workout your body is in a negative nitrogen balance state. This leads to a catabolic state, & in order to help facilitate a anabolic state and for super-compensation to take place. Adequate nutrients, most importantly protein (in the form of amino acids) and carbohydrates (as glucose), must be available during the PWO period. Liquid protein and carb combanation shakes offer the best solution because they are readily absorbed and get the nutrition your muscles need fast. Now we have also talked about the dangers of insulin, and these PWO meals will cause insulin spikes. And while this would not be good for the general population it will help you become a better athlete. I would advise limit insulin spikes to PWO times and manage your insulin through Paleo eating at all other times. For more information on this read Optimized Post-Workout Nutrition for the CrossFit Athlete by Chris Mason. If you have not subscribed to the CrossFit Journal you should. It’s only $25 per year and is packed with great information!

WOD: 3 rounds for time

  • 400m run with Med Ball
  • 10 Med Ball Cleans
  • 20 Slam balls alternating sides
    • Level III – 20/14
    • Level II – 14/10
    • Level I – 10/6

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