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Who needs it? You just need to make the decision that you are going to change your life! The TV show “The Biggest Loser” is a great example of what it takes to change your life. If you haven’t seen an episode you should. It will leave you inspired to see the dedication and grit that these people have in order to change their lives, even if the don’t win the big prize. There are stories like this all over the country and world, even great successes here in FallOut CrossFit, just not to that degree. Check out this guys story – Tyler @ 344 Pounds.com. While we may differ in our philosophies on weightloss & health, his result are remarkable.  He puts this idea of motivation in it’s place in this blog post:

“Motivation is so overrated.

You just need to decide to earn your new life. Nobody is going to give it to you. Motivation is so overrated — it’s not a requisite for losing weight or obtaining your goals. I’ll say that again: you don’t need motivation to lose weight. You don’t feel like going to the gym tonight? Tired, have a headache? Tough. I slept about 6 hours last night and will end up working 10 hours today, getting off around 5 and coming home to cook dinner for the wife. After an hour or two of quality time (cooking, cleaning), I’ll leave my warm, cozy house and family behind to go to the gym and leave my heart on the floor. Around 9, I’ll come back home to find my daughter already asleep and my wife soon thereafter.

Once back home, I’ll stay up until close to midnight replying to e-mails and preparing tomorrow’s lunch, typically a turkey sandwich with chips or maybe something like a tuna sandwich or PB&J. It depends on the mood.

Nothing exciting. Nothing that keeps me motivated. But I’ll leave it all on the floor of my gym every single night because that’s how I’ll reach my goals.

And I will reach my goals.

For now, don’t worry about motivation. It’s not necessary. All that’s required of you is to leave it all on the gym floor every single time.

Show me what you can do. Show your friends. Family. Yourself.”

Again I ask who needs Motivation?! Do it for Yourself!


  • 3 K Row
    • rest
  • 4x400m intervals
    • with 30 sec rests

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