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GPS Running

It’s getting to be that time of the year. The weather is getting nicer and this is starting to be the prime time of the year to go for a run around here. Give it a few more months and it’ll be scorching outside and the river will be calling you instead of the road. It’s is no longer difficult to know just exactly how far you have run with all of these GPS systems. It’s like taking your run to the track with out all the boredom of running on a track. You can go home log it into your computer and Tweet it to the rest of the world, or Facebook it, this is just a really big whiteboard for you to post your times up on! This guy really likes posting his runs, check it out “The Big Draw of a GPS Run”. Have an iPhone? Get this App, iMapMyRun or use which ever GPS you have. Nike also has a pretty neat product that goes into your shoes and connects to you iPod and keeps tracks of you running details, Nike+. It just doesn’t map it for you. So get out there and share your runs with everyone, just remember to stay off your heels! Need a refresher on why you shouldn’t run on your heels, heres a recap “Barefoot Running”.

WOD: Complete in 12 min

  • 2k row
  • Max Rep Deadlifts
    • Level III: 275/185
    • Level II: 165/135
    • Level I: 95/75
  • Score = Total Deadlifts

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