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Getting Better

Has anyone been able to do something that they couldn’t do before they started CrossFit? I have always been athletic, but when I started I couldn’t do a muscle up, or 40 pullups, but today I can do alot more then I could at the beginning. Being able to do something new is fun, exciting, rewarding & scary! It opens doors to improve your overall quality of life. Increasing your confidence and giving you the courage to do stuff you never would of thought you could do, since you know you can make it through the hardest workouts ever!! CrossFit has a tendency to do this for everyone who experiences it. It may completing a 10k run, doing an overhead squat, or something as simple as being able to reach your toes. CrossFit changes lives!

WOD: 4 2-minute rounds (no rests)

  • 150 meter Sprint
  • 5 burpees
  • Max Rep Kettlebell Swings
    • Score = # of KB Swings

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