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What is Functional?!

If you consider yourself a CrossFitter hopefully you already know the answer to this question! Do we do sit ups or crunches? Have you ever done a bicep curl in the gym, or will we ever? Heck NO! So why is it that we do things this way? Because when you get up off the floor, do you just use your abs? When you pull the groceries out of the car or pick something heavy off the ground and put it in your car, do you only use your biceps? No the body just doesn’t move like this naturally. Your body acts as one synergistic unit, not as a bunch of individual components working separately. They work in a concerted function to complete the task. When you decide to get out of bed your brain activates every muscle in the kinetic chain,rectus femoris, illiopsoas, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, serratus, various muscles of your neck, etc.,  in order to get your self up and at ’em. Crunches isolate you upper abdominals and nothing else, this is why you never get rid of that little pooch!

We work out to improve your work capacity in life, not to give you 22″ guns. So the next time someone asks you why are you doing that? And your answer should be, “because it’s functional!”

WOD: 20 min AMRAP: 400m run & 12 push press

  • Level III – 95/65
  • Level II – 65/45
  • Level I – 45/35

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