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Tri-Cities Dust Devils

Anybody interested in season tickets for Dust Devil games this summer? Email me and let me know, I can get you discount tickets packages. If there is interest in going as a group we can buy some books of tickets and have an evening at the park. Possibly some burpees in the the park 🙂

Today’s workout was a killer. Anybody notice their cal/hr numbers decreasing with each round?! I did definitely!! Great week everyone, glad to see all the new faces jumping in full stride and working hard. If you are a new member to FallOut CrossFit, remember intensity is important but “FORM” is more important right now. Let’s establish a great base to grow from. This will be the platform from which you build your athletic prowess from. Thanks to all the current members stepping in and helping our “newbies” get acclimated. 3-2-1 GO!

WOD: 21-15-9 Rowing (cal) & Deadlifts

  • Level III – 255/200
  • Level II – 165/135
  • Level I – 95/65

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