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Humble Pie

I am often asked by people, “why do you like doing that!?” How is it that bar can make you feel inadequate, weak, uncoordinated and insecure? It’s only 95lbs!! But yesterdays workout, which ever level you completed it in, will humble even the most successful CrossFitter! SO…why do I come back for this beating everyday? Because this is what makes me better, and I know I can always get better. I don’t like to be told that I can’t do something, it only drives me to work harder, to do my best, to finish. I always want my intensity at my max, to see how much I can lift and how fast I can finish the WOD. If you do this, you too will eat your fair share of “Humble Pie” here at FallOut CrossFit. Why do you keep coming back?

WOD: 5 rounds: 400m run, 30 tuck jumps, 15 clapping pushups

  • Level III – Rx
  • Level II – clapping pushups from knees
  • Level I – 30 knee pushups

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