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Free Range EGGS!

No not FREE as in no $$ but FREE as in no cage. We have a great opportunity to get some FREE RANGE CHICKEN EGGS thanks to Gail. If anyone is interested in getting things make a comment and let me know how many dozen you would like to purchase weekly. This maybe something that we can get on a regular basis delivered to the gym. Eggs are a great form of protein and contrary to the general knowledge they do not adversely effect your cholesterol levels or increase your risk for heart disease. WHAT!? Check it Out HERE . Anybody else have any good links to why eggs are good? Eating eggs that are free range is even better for you because the chicken is eating grass instead of corn. This will change the fatty acid content of the eggs from one full of omega-6 fatty acids which when in excess can cause inflammation, to an egg that is full of omega-3 fatty acids which decrease inflammation. And after a workout I would much rather reach for the eggs that might make me hurt a little less the next day! So if you are interested in getting some good healthy eggs let me know and we’ll make it happen.

WOD: 3 rounds

  • Level III –
    • 400m run
    • 12 wall slams (each side)
    • 12 KB swings 70/54
  • Level II –
    • 400m run
    • 12 wall slams (each side)
    • 12 KB swings 54/35
  • Level I –  weight appropriate
    • 400m run
    • 12 wall slams (each side)
    • 12 KB swings


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