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Eating Well Cont….

So at FallOut I advise a Gluten Free Paleo “Eating”. I don’t like to call it a diet. Diets are made to be broke and to be given up on. But you will always have to Eat, this has to become a new way of life for many and it is a hard process. But one that if taken slow and with patience will improve your health and overall feeling of wellness. I was a chronic 3 meals a day of cereal eater my entire life. I think all soccer players grew up on the cereal diet. And in college I ate microwave mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs, pizza rolls, and Nantucket nectar juices for 4 years everyday, no joke. I was a little, no muscle guy, 5’11” 130lbs soakin’ wet! Now I’m no huge guy now, but since starting CrossFit and eating right, I now am 165lbs and in the best shape of my life, and probably even less body fat if you can believe it. I was always sick to my stomach and always hungry, never satisfied on my old diet. Since cutting out gluten from mine diet not just flour products, I feel less sluggish during workouts, the discomfort after eating a meal with bread is gone. I miss it at times, the bread that is, but I think I am better with out it. You may or may not feel bad after eating bread products, but I encourage you to try and not eat it for 2 weeks, I know it’s a long time. But be honest and try it and see how you feel afterward. Is anybody going to give it a try. Let me know what you think! Check out this article I posted on Facebook. You may think twice before you reach for that piece of toast in the morning after reading this. Pretty interesting stuff.

WOD: 5 Rounds: 9 Hang Squat Cleans, 21 Pullups

  • Level III – 155/125
  • Level II – 125/100 band pullups
  • Level I 3 rounds – 65/45 30 jumping pullups

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