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Callus Care

If you haven’t already had the experience of ripping your calluses, you may want to try these steps to help prevent this from happening or you will be sorry! Callus tearing is painful, as Gail found out last week, and makes it difficult sometimes to complete the workout, and even do the next days workout. So tearing your hands will effect your intensity and possibly cause you to miss workouts while you heal, bad deal! So keep your calluses in check by trimming them. This works best when just out of the shower when they are soft and easier to remove. The video below shows a good way to do this, a little extreme with the Dremel but maybe he had really tough skin!

  • Ingredients for Callus Care
  1. Scissors or Callus trimmer (aka razor blade) – local drug store (Walgreens)
  2. Pumice Stone

How to take care of calluses on your hands from CrossFit Los Angeles on Vimeo.

WOD: 500m row, 50 Good Mornings, 50 Push Presses, 50 Thrusters

  • Level III – 75/55
  • Level II – 45/35
  • Level I – 35/28


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