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Zero Carb Diets

Burpee Challenge Update:

  • Today 1/13/10: 10 burpees
  • To date: 55
  • Remaining: 4995

While this may be an option for some this is most likely not the way people should be eating. I have been doing alot of reading of diets and such and came across this and see that is becoming more popular as the rise of low carb diets continue the extreme is likely to surface too. While there are some evidence that this kind of diet is possible for humans, it is not under the circumstances that most people now days would think of it. The average American if they tried this would be very under nourished. Let vegetables be the majority of your diet. This should be the bottom of your food pyramid, with meat on the next tier up. Read one of Mark’s lastest blogs @ Marks Daily Apple, “Zero Carb Diet“. In the article you’ll read, that the 4 cups of spinach that you cook wont ever fill you up, but that steak right next too it will. While varying carb diets are important for different people, the zero carb diet is not a good option for people nowadays. If you want to see what carb intake you should subscribe too check out the carb diet graph. If you goal is to lose weight, eat the right foods and keep carb intakes low. If you are an elite athlete looking for peak performance your carb intake may differ.

WOD: Chelsea – complete one round of Cindy on the min every min for 30 minutes

  • One round of Cindy =
    • 5 pull ups
    • 10 pushups
    • 15 squats
  • Level III – Rx
  • Level II – Band pullups, knee push ups
  • Level I – 3/6/9 & Band pullups, knee push ups (scale to need)

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