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Taco Bell Diet

I don’t get a whole lot of spare time to watch TV. But, I did manage to catch a commercial that claims that Taco Bell’s Fresco Menu can help you lose weight. On its Web site, Taco Ball issues a disclaimer that its “drive-thru diet menu” is really not a diet at all. But if you read Christine, the new instant celeb, reduced her daily caloric intake by 500 to a daily amount of 1250 calories for 2 years and lost 54 pounds. So 54 pounds in 2 years…that’s just a little over 1 pound lost per month! This ad coming from the same company that tried to convince the public that it was time for the 4th meal from their late night menu. Low calorie diets are a recipe for disaster. It is true most people do lose weight on them, but you lose a lot more too in regards to your health, especially on a fast food “diet”. Most people need to choose quality of food over quantity to have the biggest impact on weight loss. People on low calorie diet often do not get the micro-nutrients needed to support a healthy living, and more often then not with poor food choices end up heavier after returning to normal calorie intake then before. Eating real food with balance macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, & fat) will lead to natural weight loss with out crazy low calorie eating and leave you feeling & looking better then ever.


WOD: 8 rds for time

  • 4 – Weighted pullups
  • 6 – strict pullups
  • 8 – kipping pullups

Level III – 35/20#

Level II – 20/7.5# *Bands on all three*

Level I – 2 negatives, 4 strict band pus, and 6 jumping or band kipping

Mary Ann – Welcome!! You’re going to be great!

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