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Good OHS!

OHS? Overhead Squats, if you haven’t noticed we hear at FallOut have our own little lingo! This is the “Squat of all Squats!”.Want to demonstrate full body coordination and flexibilty? Do more OHS! To have ability to do a full squat, hips breaking parallel, while holding a bar overhead is a difficult task. Now add some weight to the bar and you will develop stabilization, strength and balance! This lift gets them all. This lift will improve all forms of squatting for you; front squat, back squat & bodywieght squats. Because of it’s ability to bring out every little flaw you have in your squats. Little movements of the weight of your mid-line will cause that weight to come crashing down. Want to get better at squatting? Get yourself a piece of PVC and starting squatting, at the office, at home during commercials, before betime. Practice makes you better, no body is perfect.

WOD: OHS 15-15-15-15, Planche (Plank) Tabatas, 200/400 Double Unders/Single Unders for time

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