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New Moves

Today was a max effort day on Push Jerks. Admittedly not my favorite exercise to rep with high weight. But we also had a fun little evening WOD for afterwards, that involved the parallelettes (Thanks to Joey), jumping, dipping, & push ups mixed with a heavy KB swing. For those who were here for it know what I’m talking about! Every so often you’ll see a movement here that at first glance may seem simple, last nights example, bear crawl, crab walks etc.. These movements though relay largely on your ability to control your core, and hips. But they will also challenge your coordination, balance, agility, stamina, you see where I’m going with this. These simply movements if they are difficult for you, you should practice them as much as you practice your lifts. All of this stuff, as silly as it seems, will make you a better athlete, and that’s the goal! So be ready to keep learning new moves!

WOD: Push Jerks 3-3-3

& 3 rds; 10 pushup/swing/dip, 10 KB swings

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