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Joshua, Mr. Joshua

Life is difficult. Simple things like getting out of bed at 5am to get to the morning workout, skipping that morning latte & doughnut in the morning, are definitely not EASY. But, the simple choices that you make daily are what will make all the differences in your life. The people in life that get what they want out of life aren’t better than anyone else. Anyone can do it, yet they are unwilling to let the little voice in there head say, “they don’t have time, it’s too hard, I’m too tired, I just want to watch TV, I’ll go tomorrow”. These decisions are simple, but they are by no means easy. It is way easy to curl up in the couch after a long day of work. But those who don’t will be better for it.

WOD: Mr. Joshua

5 rds run, ghd situps, deadlifts

Level III -400m run, GHD situps x 30, DL 250/185

Level II – 400m run GHD situps x 30, DL 185/135

Level I – 3 rds 200m run, GHD x situps x 15, DL 65/45

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