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Holiday Blues

It is the holiday season officially now. A month of people making excuses about why they can’t make it too the gym and WHY they have to eat all that food! As a nation we all sleep in, blow off workouts, have seconds (and then some more!), eat 4 different kinds of desserts, snack all day long, and drink just enough to make it through all the family time. But you don’t have to be that person I just described. Don’t wait until January 1st to re-commit to getting back into the health groove. You already made a commitment when you signed up here at FallOut CrossFit. So keep that commitment and come in here and do the workouts you so very much hate when you get here but love when you leave. But still don’t forget to enjoy the holidays a little, just don’t go overboard.

WOD “Erin”

Level III 35/20 DB split clean 15 reps & 21 pullups
Level II 20/12.5 DB split clean 15 reps & 42 jumping pullups
Level I split jump squat & 30 jumping pullups

Nice Work Morning Group! Good Pic!

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