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Front Squats

Differences between the Back Squat and the Front Squat

  • Bar Placement. Over the Center of your foot in both lifts
    • Front Squat. Weight on front shoulders. Torso upright. Hip extension.
    • Back Squat. Weight on your back. Torso leans forward. Back extension.
  • Muscles Worked. Your whole legs are worked when you squat. But some muscles are worked more depending on the bar position.
    • Front Squat. Quadriceps dominant exercise.
      • With Front Squats is much more Quad & Glute dominate, your torso stays rigid and your hips extend.
    • Back Squat. Hip dominant exercise.
      • The Back Squat is a hip dominant exercise. But what you are also doing is a you’re doing a back extension — a Good Morning. Your hips stays rigid while your torso extends. The hips and hamstrings play an important role in the opening of the hip.

WOD: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

  • 10 min AMRAP

    • 10 Ring Dips
    • 10 Push Ups
    • 15 Wall Balls

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