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Have you ever told a friend that you can’t go hang out with them because you’re going to the gym? They probably think that you are just going to go hop on the treadmill, or “pump” out a few sets and stand and talk to friends and look at all good looking people. But oh how that is not that case here at FallOut CrossFit. This is a gym were you earn you keep with the sweat and tears you pour into this place. The members are what make this place special. The best way to show them this is to bring them into the gym and let them see what you do. Bring your friends and family and let them see what you do. This Saturday is a free workout, a good time to bring new people that want to try it out. Starting next year, we will have 1 day per month that new people can come and try our workouts. These days wont be easy but easy skill sets, similar to the baseline workout many of you have done. So keep an eye out for these up coming! It they just cant wait to do a WOD, have them schedule an intro or show them a workout your self, 300 squats for time, 1 mile with 100m sprints and 30 second rest in between, get creative. Show them what YOU DO when you go to the gym!

WOD: Nice work Joey (I reached for the bucket again!) 5 rounds

Level III: 20 wallballs 20/14; 15 burpees; 10 KTEs; 5 clapping pushups

Level II: 20 wallballs 20/14; 15 burpees; 10 KTEs; 10 pushups

Level I 20 wallballs 14/10; 15 burpees, 10 KTchest; 10 pushups knees

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