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Bear of a Workout

None of us are free from stress this time of the year, work, family, kids (dogs), shopping, travel, etc. We all have alot going on that get is the way of our commitment to ourselves. But the challenge I give to you is too not let it stop you, your health and fitness is what will allow you to spend more holidays with the ones you love. You can always find time to do a 5-30 minutes workout on the road. Your fitness needs to be a habit, because habits are hard to break. Even when everyone is tell you to take a break; push through, don’t stop, you have time for a workout, so do one. Your body and mind will thank you, as will your spouse, kids and friends!

Try this – go for a 15 minute run. During the run, every 2 minutes, do a 30 second sprint (go all out – don’t hold back!) Finish with 100 squats.

Don’t like that one? Take a look at these:

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WOD: 15 min amrap

  • 10 burpees
  • Bear Crawl (40ft)

Remember free workout tomorrow @ FallOut CrossFit 6:30pm Sat. 12/12

Bring a Friend and Show Them What a Real WorkOut is! Small donation asked to help the families of the officers lost in the shooting in Lakewood, Wa.

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