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A Dose of Inspiration – not perspiration

At FallOut when you come for your Intro Session I describe what intensity is and why you need it when working out. This is the stuff that gives you the sweetness, this is the stuff that makes you better. Now, every body has a relative intensity that they push too, but there is a deeper much more painful level of intensity that everyone is capable of finding. That’s the one we want you at, that’s the uncomfortable one that will set you apart from someone else, that will get you where you want to be faster, and help you to be at the top of your game. There is always another time for one more wallball, or for you to do one more pullup before coming off the bar, if you push just a little harder you can beat you PR. It’s just little things added up over time and you will succeed be better then before. I think back to September when we did Fight Gone Bad, if I did one extra rep in each station I would of added 20 points to my score, I could of done that. Al Pacino says it best here in “Any Given Sunday” and this applies to football, CrossFit & life. Always get that extra inch!


WOD: Deadlift 5-5-5 & Continuous Clock Medball Cleans

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