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It’s getting colder outside

Some tips for cold weather training:

Spokane is already getting snow! Ski hills will be opening soon and snow will hit the Tricities before you know it. So hear are some ideas to keep warm when coming to the gym. Remember you may be running outside, so make sure that you are bring the correct clothes just in case!

  • Get your doctors approval if you have heart conditions &/or asthma – it can be harder on individuals with these problems
  • Wear layers – your body will generate enough heat to make it feel 30 degrees warmer.
    • Do not wear cotton – wear synthetics that will help wick away sweat
    • polypropylene layers and fleece will work great
  • Keep your extremities warm – blood will be drawn into your body to keep your organs warm first
    • wear hats and gloves
  • Wear appropriate clothing: reflective wear, shoes with a little more traction
  • Drink plenty of fluids – even if you don’t sweat you need to stay hydrated in cool weather
  • Come into the gym and stay motivated!

WOD: “Michael”

3 rounds of Running – Back Extension – Sit ups

Level III Level II Level I
800m run


50 Back extensions

50 situps

800m run


35 Back extensions/Good Mornings

35 situps

400m run


20 Back extensions/Good Mornings

10 situps

Great Work Justin and Monica! Hope to see you again soon…


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