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Goals & Successes for the gym

Share  your stories…

I’m sure most of you have a success story to share since you have started CrossFit, and I and everyone else reading this would love to hear about it. Whether it was a PR on a certain workout or the first time doing a pullups. So come on, share with everyone… post in comments your breakthroughs, lessons learned, plans to continue, weight loss, stories, how you felt and how you’re feeling now, successes, etc. I wanna hear it all, and if I don’t get 5 comments from different people….it’ll be 100 burpees as a penalty for everyone 🙂 to be completed by the end of the week! I have to do something to inspire conversation between everyone.

Welcome to the gym Jo! Your pic will be up very soon 🙂

WOD: “Jeremy” 21-15-9 Overhead squats & Burpees

Level III – 95/65

Level II – 65/45

Level I – 35/18


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