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Do you DREAD the Gym?!

Do you remember a time when the gym was something of a chore? Something that you had to do before you called it a day. I would imagine if I asked my members this question they wouldn’t be able to tell you a time they felt like that here. I used to feel that way before I found CrossFit. And now I come to the gym ready to encourage and inspire people to perform tasks that they would normally think of themselves doing. And this is why I love coaching. Sure there are days when you’ld be freaked out about the workout and there are days when you may not feel up to working out, but it’s wont be because you hate working out. CrossFit is FUN!
This is because there is alway an element of challenge, accomplishment, camaraderie, surprise, in our workouts sometime they are even daring, you will always leave better then you were coming in. Did anyone ever think that working out could be so much fun?

WOD: 3-3-3 Power Cleans

Whom ever was in charge of the camera yesterday could use a photography class. Sorry no photos today! But Welcome Melanie, Deana, & Michele to the gym. I will get some pics of you very soon to show off to your friends…

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