FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

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Matt & I spent this last weekend working with a great group of coaches at CrossFit Eastside. Mark Rippetoe has over 30 years of lifting experience and his staff is very knowledgeable about lifting. They can be reached at Starting Strength, and Justin Lascek can be found at 70’s Big.com. We learned alot of coaching techniques for these lifts. With these skills I hope everyone in the gym reaches new PRs quickly. On another note, I will be gone on vacation from 11-17 to 11/24. I am trying to get the am classes covered during this time. I will let you know the outcome. If I can’t find someone to cover them, they will be cancelled until I return.

WOD: DL 5-5-5 work up to a weight, keep this weight for all 3 sets of 5

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