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American Diabetes Month

This month is American Diabetes Month. A month dedicated to the prevention and management of Diabetes. Close to 24 million people have Diabetes in this country and 57 million are at risk. 57 Million PEOPLE! This astounds me! Total annual cost of diabetes in this country (2007) was $218 BILLION, most of it which could have been completely avoided. It has gotten so bad in this country that it is almost an accepted part of culture that you are going to get diabetes if you live long enough. I see this day in and day out at my job as a pharmacist. People are told they are “pre-diabetic” and that they need to change the way they are eating and exercising and they’ll look me square in the face and say “it’s too hard, so I guess I’m going to be a diabetic”. As if it’s not hard to test your blood 6 times a day and give insulin shots to yourself on a sliding scale based on your carb intake. Yeah that sounds easier! More money needs to go into informing young people about the benefit of eating healthy and exercising, & not what most people think as healthy. Low fat, high carb diets high in fiber are just the types of diets that lead to diabetes. High protein low carb and the right types of fats and avoiding grains is what will help this country turn around it’s trend in diabetes. Come to FallOut CrossFit and don’t get Diabetes 🙂


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