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Workouts shouldn’t be easy!

This picture here is not where you should be working out! You should  see this and immediately start running in the opposite direction, that would yield you a greater workout then what they have to offer inside. At least that what  I would believe by looking at this picture. Your workouts should never be easy, if it is easy your body will not adapt, will not change, will not get better. Calories in, Calories out has been shown many times to not yield results that people want. You need to kick your system in to gear, you need to make it say, “I don’t ever want to feel like that again, I’m going to get better so I don’t get my A*& kicked like that again!!” And then you change it up and do and again, that’s how the body adapts that’s how it gets better. This gym is like that, we will push you through your workout till you want to quit, but you wont, and you will be proud of your accomplishments. We wont fail you in getting you results. We wont ask you to sign up and not return. We want to see you reach your fitness goals! And you will!

“Those who do not recognize the physiological import of CrossFit – unprecedented increases in work capacity across broad time and modal domains – are left with no rational explanation of CrossFit’s popularity and reach. For these people I am typically seen as a marketing savant whose marketing strategies curiously won’t replicate. It’s like a blind guy wondering why everyone hangs out under lights at night.” – Greg Glassman – Coach


Level III Level II Level I
AMRAP 20 min65/45 Thrusters x10

10 pullups

AMRAP 20 min45/35 Thrusters x10

10 j. pullups

AMRAP 15 min35/18 Thrusters x10

10 j. pullups


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