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My Shoulders are on FIRE!!

This is what seemed to be the going theme during & after today’s workout. For those of you that didn’t make it in today, shame on you! Letting these people have all the fun. If you didn’t have enough lactic acid already flowing through you during the 147 presses that you did, you were more then enough gassed with the 147 box jumps to go along with it!

All of the coaches here at FallOut CrossFit set the bar high for the students of this gym. What you think that you are capable of do is far less then what you are actually capable of doing. At times you may think, Man! Ben is always yelling at me, “Pick it Up!!, Get moving! YOU CAN DO IT!!” Your right I do, and I will continue to push people to the limits of their capabilities. We have had many people unable to do a single pullups, do a overhead squat, or simply squat, leave here one day with several done in a workout succesfully. We are in the business of making you more capable then you were previously! And we are good at it here in this gym. People come in here for different reasons but they will all leave with the same results!


Level III Level II Level I
75#/55# press x 21

box jumps x 21

55#/35# press x 21

box jumps x 21

35#/18# press x 21

box jumps x 21


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