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Congrats again to all the finalists in the Helen Challenge. Awards to be awarded today!


WOD: 2 K row

This distance is just short enough to get you met-con tired and just long enough to start taxing some other metabolic pathways. Rowing is an excellent metcon activity, employing vast amounts of muscle mass and moving it through a wide range of motion. In addition, the movement requires co-ordination, balance, rhythm and synchronisation in order to be effective and efficient. It is arguably one of the toughest sports to compete in!

There are a number of very good resources on the web that give an in-depth discussion of how the rowing stroke is executed. Rather than repeat that here verbatim, I will refer you to three links in particular:




The first link gives a basic breakdown of the stroke with the four fundamental segments of the stroke – the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery (leading back into the catch for a repeat of the cycle).

Most Common Mistakes

  • Rowing with bent arms or bent wrists
  • Leaning back too much, drawing the handle too high
  • Shooting the slide
  • Opening the back angle to early
  • Breaking the knees to early on the recovery
  • Over reaching at the catch
  • Not being relaxed
  • Not maintaining adequate pressure on the foot stretcher
  • A pronounced handle thump at the finish


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