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Lazy? Find some inspiration!

Yes, I know no excuses Ben. Get these posts up! K, so here they are for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!! There will be no cute words of wisdom for these, okay maybe, I’m trying to be inspiring here!

What inspires you? This is a question every at this gym needs to ask themselves, and every new person thinking of coming in too. What makes you work hard, and dig deep? What drives you in terms of your fitness and CrossFit? I’m constantly reminded to think big when I see new students in the gym. I want to make CrossFit a staple in the Tri-cities, a household name. But I’m also humbled when I think of the new student entering this gym, because it’s SCARY to walk in this place. Maybe you have never seen someone do a kettlebell swing before. Maybe you have never done Olympic lifts. Where are the mirrors and televisions? Why is there a puke bucket and not to mention where are the cable machines? For people to step outside their comfort zone, walk into CrossFit gym and have group of strangers cheering them on to finish the workout. Not to mention something that requires, at its core, NOT looking good at the end of the workout of the day — I am constantly impressed at people’s courage and re-inspired by new students that walk in the door and take on FallOut CrossFit. Despite your fears, know that there is something bigger is out there on the horizon for us all!

WOD: for time!

Level III Level II Level I
45 Double Unders45 Squat Cleans 135/85

45 Ring Dips

45 Double Unders

45 Double Unders45 Squat Cleans 95/65

45 Dips/ box dips

45 Double Unders

15 Single Unders30 Squat Cleans 28/18

30 box dips

15 Single Unders


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