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Do you let them stop you?!

Sooner or later if you involve yourself with any physical activity there is the potential risk for injury. So what happens if you get injured? Do you stop working out? I would suggest no, based upon the extent of your injury of course. But for most people this just means pro-active with your workouts, and being able to substitute certain movements for others. Even if that means just coming into the gym and working on flexibility issues that you may have over looked while you were going full steam ahead. This may be a great time to focus on areas that you are weak in. Don’t use an injury as your excuse to not workout, you’ll be amazed at what you can still do while injured. Thoughts? Comments?

Nice Work Today Dan with your first WOD!

WOD: 30 Squat Clean & Jerks

Level III –155/100# Level II – 115/75# Level I – 65/45#
30 Clean & Jerks
30 Cleans and Jerks
30 Clean and Jerks


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