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HELEN Challenge FINALS!!

CrossFit Does Make YOU Better!

I want to first thank all the people who helped with the event and running it. THANKS! And to everyone that competed you all did amazing! Lots of effort has been put in over the last couple months in improving everyone overall fitness and it shows! Events like this help to show that CrossFit program works and this gym can get great results for anyone. We will do another one of these challenge soon, so stay tuned.

Here are the Results:


Prize Winners:

Most Improved:

Fastest Times


  • Jesse Jensen – 1st

  • Matt Petersen – 2nd

  • Matt Kurkjian – 3rd


  • Sheena Brown (Most Improved Overall!) – 1st

  • Andrea Kurkjian- 2nd

  • Gail Brown – 3rd


  • Matt Petersen – 1st

  • Joey Sanchez – 2nd

  • Trevor White – 3rd


  • Tammy Smith – 1st


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