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Happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! If I was thinking we could of had a costume WOD day! Maybe we’ll do some cool theme like that another day.

Super Heros:

When I talk to others about CrossFit the response that I get most often is, “that looks impossible! How do you do it?” . They don’t see the “giants” we see in ourselves as CrossFitters. Why do we practice so many different types of lift/exercises/movements? Why do we lift so much, so fast, so often? The response that I have to everyone is because I can, because I want to, because it is there. Why shouldn’t I! It’s Halloween everyday when you come to the gym, because for 1 hour a day, everyone gets to be a super hero. You get to lift heavy things, leap on boxes, fly through the air doing kipping pullups, many things that your friends will see as inhuman. Imagine a cape flying behind you it may make you run faster 🙂

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