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First Filthy Fifty in the gym!

Fun at 50 + 50 + 50…..

The infamous “Filthy Fifty”, many times you hear CrossFitters asking, “what’s your Fran time?” as a measure of success as a CrossFitter. But what about your Filthy time!? This workout is 10 different movements each 50 reps –> 500 repetitions of pure awesomeness! I like making words up. This will tax your whole body leaving you with the question of “what just happened to me?!” This was the first CrossFit workout that I can remember doing, and I remember wishing at that moment that I hadn’t just done it 🙂



This is by most people looked upon as a bad thing, something that you should avoid. It is probably something that upsets most people to the core and probably should. This though is not always a bad thing. You can learn a lot from failing, and most very successful people will tell you that it is a must have in order to succeed. Unless you are the one person that can walk through life and do nothing wrong, you should get comfortable with the idea and be able to learn from in and to it better the next time. If you are a new CrossFitter to the gym, you will probably fail multiple times at a specific movement (pullups, cleans, push jerks, etc). But with each failure your body will learn something, new motor pathways will be “turned on”, and it will be easier the next time. Just don’t ever give up and you will reach your goal, I promise! Don’t believe me, listen to Mike!



WOD: Filthy 50


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