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While I Was Gone!

Well Toronto was fun, and HUGE 2.5 million population. I met some cool people and learned alot and hope to improve the experience for everyone at the gym. And it wont be possible with out the help of all of the current clients and coaches that we have at FallOut CrossFit. I want to thank everyone in advance for all of their efforts to make this the best gym in the Tri-Cities!!

Mental Attitude:

The road to Fitness is not an easy one. In today’s society comfort is at the top of everyone mind, and true physical fitness is the norm for less than 20%. By the way all of them are crossfitters! Acquiring genuine physical fitness is decided largely by one’s self and their ability to push to new limits. The outcome of competition and survival is also primarily influenced by attitude. Reaching elite fitness requires a spirit necessary to win which includes a positive acceptance of pain. These workouts are hard! With out effort their is no gain…No Pain No Gain. This is difficult to understand because a visit to any normal gym offers an idea of what modern society thinks it means to be fit. Thirty minutes on the elliptical switching between watching “Oprah” and reading the newest issue of “People Magazine” will not change your life. A typical gym lacks intensity, and the aerobics classes are nothing more than jumping jacks set to music. Modern fitness is defined by appearance rather than actual results. This attitude and mentality is poison. We must avoid this at all costs your life depends on it. At FallOut CrossFit you leave you ego at the door and put your mind to the test. Your primary concern is with putting your all into every workout. Your primary concern should be your performance and then you appearance.

New Guest to the gym!

Everyone make sure to say Hello to Gage welcome him in to the gym. Great work on that Baseline workout!!

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