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Don’t Sacrifice Form for Time

As many Crossfitters know, the battle is constantly on to be the fastest at completing a WOD. But what sacrifices are you willing to make to be the fastest? A common occurrence in the fight to be the fastest is performing movements that are not executed using the full range of motion for that particular movement. For example, if the WOD contains squats and pull-ups are you satisfied with your squats if your hamstrings do not break the parallel plane or if your chin finishes below the bar for pull-ups?

But WHY is performing the movement properly so important and how come it is practiced so many times before a workout even begins?

The answer is muscle memory. Muscle memory can best be described as a type of movement with which the muscles become familiar over time. Gradually, the execution of a movement becomes an unconscious process. So, when you are first learning a movement, concentrate on proper execution so the quality of the movement becomes an automatic response. Intensity can only be maximized with full range of motion. So, ultimately, don’t sacrifice form for time!

-Tammy Smith


2 Rounds for Time of

Level III Level II Level I
400m run20 Pullups

30 Walking Lunges

40 Pushups

50 Squats

400m run30 Jumping Pullups

20 Walking Lunges

25 Pushups

40 Squats

200m run20 Jumping Pullups

15 Walking Lunges

15 Pushups

25 Squats

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