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Cindy – Cindy x 2 – Cindy x 3

Which ever way you slice it, you are going to have fun!

I love CrossFit as much as the next CrossFitter. But why? Why do I come into the gym day in and day out and run myself through a grueling workout, and then turn around and run other through the same workout. Because I enjoy to watch others suffer? No. Because I like to suffer? No. I do it because it makes me better at being me and allows me an escape. When you are in the middle of this workout or any workout for that matter it doesn’t matter what is going on in the rest of the world. You’re not thinking about that next bill that’s due or whether or not you fed the dogs this morning. All you are focused on is making sure that you get your chin all the way over the bar. And you make sure that you finish the workout any way you can, this is what defines who you are. People come into CrossFit with all different types of backgrounds, but we all leave the same way, knowing that we gave it our all.


Level III Level II Level I
15 Pullups30 Pushups

45 Squats

10 Jumping Pullups20 Knee Pushups

30 Squats

5 Jumping Pullups10 Knee Pushups

15 Squats


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