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Another Girl


Just because we had a grueling day on Monday doesn’t mean that we get to take a rest on Tuesday! So today our workout was Cindy. Good to see some of the same new faces stop by today and give it another go. And we have 2 officially signed up for our first ever Ramp Up class!! I’m excited to see their progress, and I’m sure they are too. Everyone make sure to introduce yourselves to the new face if you haven’t already. Thanks to those that paid, and any questions that you have for me, Ben, make sure you send me an email @ [email protected] or give me a call 509-879-2996, you can also leave you questions with any other the staff and they will relay it to me. I’m trying to make the growing pains as simple as possible and would like any feedback anyone may have.


20 minutes “AMRAP” As Many Rounds As Possible

Only completed rounds counted, no partials

Level III Level II Level I
5 Pull ups 6 Jumping Pull ups 3 Jumping Pull ups
10 Push ips 6 Push ups 4 Knee Push ups
15 Squats 9 Squats 7 Squats



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