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Death by Pullups, pushups, situps, and squats!

Alot of UPs and some squats! Painful stuff, but lots of fun for those that made it. We weren’t going to have class today so for all of you who missed out don’t feel so bad. You’ll be plenty suprised today, and probably wishing you had had one less cheat meal over the weekend. Morning classes are underway now, so make sure you are signing up for those if they are going to work out. And starting today is our first Ramp Up class for the season. We will be having 3 brave souls starting the journey into CrossFit. Can’t wait to see the progress they will make in just 4 weeks!!



Level III Level II Level I
100 Pull ups 60 Jumping Pull ups 30 Jumping Pull ups
100 Push ups 50 Knee Push ups 30 Knee Push ups
100 Sit ups 50 Sit ups 30 Sit ups
100 Squats 50 Squats 30 Squats


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