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They ain’t movin’!

Today we got to test out our new pullup bars. And I must say they are pretty stout! We had to get a few people to make sure they had the waiver signed before getting on this structure but when all was said and done we had 8 people pulling on this thing with no problem, and plenty of room for more to hop on!! I have to apologize to some who got a taste of CrossFit hands, I hadn’t quite got around to sanding and painting all of the bars. I will be getting that done prior to another 100+ pullup session on these. Definitely works the grip with these 1&1/4″ pipes. As a side note I made some of those cookies last night. And OMG! They are delicious and for having no gluten in them, an excellent treat option! Tread lightly with these though, that 1/4 cup of honey is quite a lot. So one cookie after a full meal with all your protein, vegetables, and a good source of mono-unsaturated fats would not have such an effect on your insulin levels.

Most of you have already had a week with the Matts. I want to welcome Tammy to the team of assistant trainers here at FallOut CrossFit. You will see the people helping out around the gym and offering up some advice and cheering you through your WODs. Their backgrounds are diverse and will help make FallOut CrossFit a staple gym in the Tri-Cities area. Trevor White will also be accompanying the team when we start offering morning classes. Please welcome them as trainers and know that this is a learning process for everyone. Any critism or praise can be directed at me by email me  at [email protected]

Once a week or so there will be articles posted by me and the training staff focusing on an aspect of CrossFit. If there is something you want to learn let us know so we can get it up for you. Be sure to also check out the Nutrition webpage. Laura Blount will be helping to maintain the information on there. With everything ranging from how diet effect your health and certain disease states, to recipes that I would encourage all to try out.

Today’s article was written by Matt Petersen. Please take a look at it and offer any feedback you can.


5 rounds for time

21 pullups

12 wallballs 20#/14#

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