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Friday’s WOD

Thanks for those that showed up. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it there today, I had to run up to Spokane for the evening. Hope everyone had a great weekend and got out to the fair sometime this week. Good times to be had at FallOut on Monday!! Come prepared to give it your best. Please everyone try to bring someone new this day, it’s a great way to get people started in CrossFit and help to keep them coming in and improving themselves! And that’s what matters most, we want to help people achieve their goals here at FallOut CrossFit. Remember that tomorrow also we will be signing up for memberships and they will be required on September 1st or the drop in fee will be paid for workouts. I’m super excited to get this off the ground and running!! Logos are pretty much completed! A huge thanks goes out to Melanie for all the work that she has done! If you are interested in saturday classes please let me know. Right now they will be held if able by myself or one of the other trainers. See you all Monday!

Friday WOD:

75 OHS in as few sets as possible. Max Effort, not a timed workout.

Level III Level II Level I
Men – 75lbs Men – 55lbs Men ≤ 55lbs
Women – 55lbs Women – 35lbs Women ≤ 35lbs

Saturday WOD

Level III Level II Level I
500m Row 500m row 250m row
BW Deadlifts x 12 75 % BW Deadlifts x 12 50% BW Deadlifts x 12
21 Box jumps – 20″ 21 Box jumps – 20″ 10 Box jumps – 20″


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