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First ME

Friday we did our first ME here at FallOut CrossFit. Thanks to everyone that made it. We were working on Deadlift today. Everyone had great weight and congrats to those who impressed themselves with what they were capable of lifting off the floor! The object of this lift is to help generate strength. You should not be able to do a 4th rep on any of these sets. This weight should frighten you!! But we don’t want to sacrifice safe form though either, so keep that in mind. We also got to play with the rowers, with everyone give it their all for 500m.

The gym is coming together and is for the most part fully operational. Keep an eye out for morning classes to be starting here soon. I have some things to work out and then I’ll get those going asap. Thanks to Joey for putting together a great flier that I’ll make available to everyone to get out the word for FGB IV. I believe they have already raised over $200 bucks! We got to hit the streets ask everyone you know to donate even $1 and we will make a difference.


500m row for time

Max Effort Deadlifts


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