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CrossFit as an Application

What is CrossFit? A question that I am asked at least once a day, for those reading this you only need to click http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/what-crossfit.html and read an official definition, but for those with whom I meet offline I give this definition, “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement,” which I must credit to Coach Glassman (founder). First of all, what does this mean to the average person, and how does this correlate to those already CrossFitting? The answer is in its application. The application of CrossFit is why we CrossFit, and why people should CrossFit. Functional movements correlate to the obvious functionality that we endure everyday in life – real world application is what CrossFit provides. The movements that are drudgingly preformed in “globo-gyms” carry no real world application, because even if the movement is something capable of being performed outside of the gym the functionality is not tested with intensity. CrossFit teachers how to apply functionality in all circumstances, regardless of the mental and physical strain associated with that task. Those who have not tried CrossFit will benefit from the application that CrossFit teaches, and for those who have been CrossFitting – CrossFit allows for unmeasured improvement and ability. I urge the novice and the elite, to view the CrossFit gym as an opportunity for improvement in all aspects of life, because the trials that are prescribed, endured, and accomplished there are experiences that can be applied with confidence.

Written by: Matt Petersen

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