FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

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Todays WOD was another great effort by everyone! And yes it was very hot again today, but we all stuck it out. Car stereo a blazing and thank you Matt and Tammy for bringing the canopies. Smart thinking! Kristi nnice work for your first WOD, may to push it! Same place same time tomorrow. Please email me if this time doesn’t work I will stay as late as needed to facilitate as many people as possible. Joey got a personal session with me going to his house, helps that he lives 30 seconds from me. We also took a field trip to the new gym, because I got the keys today! And we also got our second delivery of equipment, Dynamax balls and some steel weights. Piece by piece it’s all coming together. Keep an eye on the sight, I may need some help with setting up the pullup bars and laying the flooring for those that are interested, and maybe we can buzz down to Kimos for some drinks afterwards.


5 rounds

15 pushups

100m farmers carry 100#/70#

25m weighted lunges 20#/10#

Joey – 9:04

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